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01202 208211 - Complaint Log

15 Complaints

01202208211 - 01202 208 211


Paul TElemarketer Ignores TPP rules


greg worcester Sunday afternoon unsolicited sales call. I've had this same guy, maybe Clive, selling solar energy saving and such. I've blocked the sh*ts number on my bt handset but also hope I hear from him again so I can tell what a lying c*nt he us.


clive hamilton Calling us regularly. Obviously ignoring the TPS rules. Do the TPS actually have any "teeth" as I'm fed up with companies ignoring the TPS rules


Janet Thompson Just had another call from this number. With TPS as many others have stated. No-one on the other end. Normally i dont answer them but theyre calling every day now!!!!! Just complained to TPS yet again


wally had phone call from posh bloke wanting to tell me how i ought, for a number of reasons, to consider solar energy. very persistent although reasonably polite; had to put phone down as he seemed to a) want to talk all day, but b) would be prepared to keep arguing in the apparent belief my reasons for not wanting to discuss anything with him were foolish and didnt agree with his own. Just trying too bloody hard. I don't want solar panels on my roof thank you. and i don't have to explain why. don't ring me again.


Peter buzzing when I picked up. Don't they know I've already got panels?


Mr Colin Lawrence Have had numerous calls from this number. I've done a bit of research and the call is from a company called Solar Fusion suggesting I install Solar hat water systems. The OFGEM site says "If you're on mains gas, it will almost always be a cheaper heating option than installing a renewable heating system."


CLJ Missed call from this number on 29th April 2014 at 15.54. This appears to have been an unsolicited call as other complainants have commented. I am registered with the TPS.


brian sargent Answered call repeated my number twice, sounds of call centre in background but nobody spoke. I hung up.


Lucy rang today 23rd April 14 trying to tell me about a government scheme, I put the phone down. I am registered with tps but this number has rung me several times

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