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01202 417752 - Complaint Log

5 Complaints

01202417752 - 01202 417 752


Lisa Called my elderly mother and asked for the previous tenant by name (she was on a sucker's list). Claimed to be opening a business in a local town and looking for support/inverstment. Was told to go away and mother hung up.


Rebecca Gask The caller asked by name for my grandmother, who died some years ago. When I informed the caller of this, he LAUGHED. I have been furiously trying to get back through but of course I doubt I will. Completely unacceptable conduct even for a cold caller.


Alan Beggs Called when I was out, left no message on the answering machine, and 'line busy' when I courteously called back. My phone has a TPS on it, but not in my wife's name, so when someone asks for 'Mr Palmer' they get a two-word answer. I have totally lost patience with these people.


Jacqui Called at 3pm today. I didn't answer; voicemail message: "Hello...?!" and that was it.


David Kennerley Cold called and I am on the TPS. Was exceptionally rude when I asked the caller to stop their diatribe to tell them I was busy. Got huffy when I said they had not asked if I was busy, saying, "So I am supposed to ask before I say anything?" Duh YES. Biggest problem being breaking the code regarding TPS.

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