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01202 423296 - Complaint Log

6 Complaints

01202423296 - 01202 423 296


A Wellwisher A&N EnServe Ltd (A&N means "Andrew & Nicola"). Trade: Carpet cleaning, cleaning materials and chemicals. Known by BBC Watchdog / BBC Rogue Traders to use 'bait-and-switch' fraud. Customers are "baited" by advertising for products or services at a low price, then, the seller advises the advertised goods are not available and "switches" to costlier products. See Owners: Andrew Wilson Byars (born 23/07/1961), Businessman Nicola Jayne Byars (age 42), Director / Businesswoman Andrew & Nicola Home Address: 4, Golf Links Road Ferndown Dorset BH22 8BY Subsidiary: EnServe Janitorial Supplies Ltd. (Closed subsidiaries: Enterprise Cleaning Services UK Ltd. Enterprise Janitoral Supplies Ltd.) Head Office and Bournemouth Branch Address: 108 Cobham Road Ferndown Industrial Estate Wimborne Minster Wimborne Dorset BH21 7PQ Tel: 01202-865180/855567/527316 Cold calls made from: 01202-423296


Cynthia Sell Lady has rung about carpet cleaning three times now despite the fact that I have told her I am not well and not interested. I am in Kent too.


Eric Cold caller selling carpet and furniture cleaning services - Same as Colin, I'm registerd with the TPS which they ignored and I'm also in Kent.


Colin Exactly the same as David and Frank A cold call, ignoring the Telephone Preference Service. Mr. 'Smoothy John' wanting to give me a half price deal, when he is in Dorset, and I am in Kent? Ha!


David unwanted cold call


Frankl This is a cleaning company doing telemarketing and completely disregards the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

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