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01202 468450 - Complaint Log

4 Complaints

01202468450 - 01202 468 450


celia Really getting on my nerves! I spoke to him once and was told I'd won a free hamper for filling out a questionnaire - which of course I hadn't! Told him I didn't know what he was talking about and started to question him, so he hung up pretty quickly. Since then the number has rung me several times but hangs up when the answer message kicks in. What is it all about?


Mike Addressed me by my surname and told me he was from Ventura and that I or my partner had filled in a holiday questionaire. When told "no we hadn't" said it was a tick box survey. He then responded with the first line of address. When told again that we had not completed any survey he quickly backed off and hung up. (presume I came accross as a difficult target or that he already have achieved what he wanted - to confirm telephone number name and address)


Simon J " quick courtesy call - you or your partner filled in a holiday questionaire..." I could see wjere it was going, so cut him off. Said the company was call Ventura.


Neil Trangmar "you have won a hamper because you or your wife filled in a questionnaire attached to a product". a) I am not married b) I don't do questionnaires Company name sounded like "venture"

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