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01202 607573 - Complaint Log

7 Complaints

01202607573 - 01202 607 573


Debbie About time the government became responsible and got rid of companies like these once and for all. A very large prosecution and jail sentence would put these idiots and their employees off harrassing the general public.


kelvin several calls from this number . on two occasions wife answered and was asked if I was at home and told no. three calls that were dropped when phone picked up. I subscribe to a anti spam call register.


Cristina Received a call from this number at 2.12pm on Wednesday 24th June '09. My mother answered the phone. The woman at the other end asked for me and said she was Yvonne from Money Matters. I was in the bath and told my mother just to tell this woman that I was in the bath and wasn't interested. This my mother said (I could hear her) to which this woman in an aggressive tone replied saying she was trying to save me money on my insurance premium. My replied replied "well, I'm just the messenger" to which the aggressive woman very rudely and very ignorantly replied saying "well if she wants to carry on paying more that's her lookout" and she put the phone down. I dialled 1471 to get the number and called it numerous times to make a complaint but of course no-one answered. This is more than an unsolicited phone call, it's harrassment. Glad to have found your website because we are all sick and tired of unwanted telephone soliciting and want it banned. I'd like these companies to quite frankly be charged with harrassment.


Shelley Rang my mobile number, told me she was phoning from 'money matters ' following up from our conversation which we'd had a few months back - which she wasnt; Ive never spoken to them and dont know how they have my mobile number. Told her straight away I wasnt interested to which she aggressively replied 'how did I know I wasnt interested when I didnt know what she had to say' to which I replied that I didnt appreciate her tone, and added that she was obviously trying to sell something and that I never bought anything or signed up to anything from unsolicitated phone calls. At this point I put the phone down. Its bad enough getting calls like this at home (Ive now TPS'd the phone no) but how they now have my name and mobile Im not sure, as I rarely give it out. Grrh !


Helen Rang both my mobile and home phone asking for a girls name which isn't me - who are they and why do they have both my numbers?


Ron Hi- is that you Ron? (Yes)- 'yap yap yap-been looking for ways to save you money- yap yap - life insurance- yap yap yap'- then the prat continued yapping to himself as I gently placed the handset on the table and went off for a coffee ........


Mick Typical spam. Phoned saying they are returning my phone call, which wasn't true. They are offering financial services as I worked out from a 20 second-long conversation. SPAM!

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