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01202 629298 - Complaint Log

4 Complaints

01202629298 - 01202 629 298


Matt Stacey This number is advertised as a Toyota main dealer on Car Wow under the name of Jon Devall. This number originates from Scotland but the dealer is claiming to be in Lincolnshire. I would like to ask the other reviewers if they had any contact with a car dealer when they received these calls?


sallyann stevens yes i had the same txt saying i can get a £5000 loan! before that they rang my mobile 3 days in a row i txt DNM 87222 but it failed wether it was my phone iam not sure. but its bloody annoying they knew the whole of my name can this be stopped on mobile phones it can on the land line [ call prevention registry]


Cynthia Received exact same txt msg. Who's to say when sending the opt out txt to 87222 i wouldn't be charged for it!


john wood "Loan Finder" text message. No idea how they are or how they got my details. Text message : "Hi John Looking for a loan? I can help you find a loan of up to £3000 with no up front fee. Call me now on 01202629298 to optout txtDNMto87222"

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