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01202 629986 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01202629986 - 01202 629 986


tracy had 2 0r 3 texts allready today, saying to contact them urgently as they can help with my debt, i do not have any debt that i need help with. the funny thing is im a female but they said for matthew to contact them urgently, very strange and annoying


alan dolan i recieved a text message saying that this person can help with my debt`s and i need to call them as soon as possible.I have no debt`s and i also would like to know how they got my number as its a private works mobile number? i am not happy i will be seeking advice on what to do next and to progress further with getting the people sending these spam text`s


Joanne Neath I am fed up of receiving text messages and phone calls telling me a loan I have applied for has been approved or that I can be helped with debt. I do not have any debt and I have not applied for a loan. These calls and texts are a nuisance

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