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01202 729986 - Complaint Log

20 Complaints

01202729986 - 01202 729 986


Lyn Saunders Getting calls from this number daily , when I answer no reply , then phone is disconnected.As said by everyone else you cant ring back. I think this could be quite scary for eldery people when no-one answers.


Bob Keep calling for Mr & Mrs Lancaster despite us telling them that this number does not belong to them and has not done so for over 14 months. Can't we do something about them. They don't even state what they are calling about!! Despite threatening with ICO they still keep calling and waking my grandson up. So annoying.


Sam Since I have had my phone line installed this number has continously phoned and then hung up every week. I have tried phoning back only to find they don't recieve calls. Does anyone know how this can be tackled, it's getting very irratating.


Tired of it. Get a call from these vermin every couple of months. Normally they say they are from Anglian. This time they hung up when I answered. Makes a pleasant change I suppose, normally they are rude and abusive if you say you have no interest in their double glazing. One tactic they use is to claim that you asked them to call you to arrange for work to be done several months hence. No doubt hoping to catch an elderly person who perhaps can not quite remember if this is the truth or not. Awful company with an awful attitude.


Paul Anglian Windows, they're absolute pests so thought I would get them back by going to their website, selecting the Call Me Back page and putting in the name "Anglian Windows" and the number 01202 729986 in the form and sending it to them :0)


Ruth Silent calls


Fed Up of Bournemouth! - Part 2 Yes, it's me again... being pestered by the same phone number again. And yes, they are hanging up again when I answer!! They really are an irritating lot.


Fed Up of Bournemouth! Constantly phoning.. always seem to hang up (what's the point in that??!!) and then you can't even return the call as THEY DON'T ACCEPT INCOMING.... no wonder I'm Fed Up!


Elizabeth How many more calls from this number? When will they give up!! What can we do to stop these annoying people, I don't even get a chance to tell them what they can do with their windows!! Grrrrrrrr


Ron Norris Despite telling them on several occasions that I do not need their services yet they keep calling me. I've just had two calls on a Sunday (2 calls because I'm screening calls and not answering). I noticed their ad on google adwords and clicked the link - that'll cost them - and I'll carry on doing it until they stop calling me.

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