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01204 204004 - Complaint Log

10 Complaints

01204204004 - 01204 204 004


Anon Usual story. It's good that these numbers can be registered but does it actually bring any pressure on to these companies.


jeff L keeps ringing and hangs up when answered


Michael Hill Daily cold call about Policy Payment Insurance payments. Long time on hold, then hang up when finally answered.


CA Been receiving a daily call from this automated message at various times. I am 30 weeks pregnant and could do without this (whether pregnant or not!). Will not be happy when baby is here and woken by these scam calls! How do we stop them???


LP It's about time this sort of crap was stopped. If I want a service from anyone I will contact them. I do not need to be offered these services three times a day. This telemarketing rubbish should be banned.


SC Every day we get 2-3 automated phone calls from this number. It is a recorded message that says something like, "Hello, This is an urgant message about your payment protection insurance policiy ... blah blah blah." By now it never gets past "Hello" because we just hang up. However, it really is getting annoying now. How can we block them?


Mr B and Mrs A McGowen I am sick of receiving this automated message, sometimes more than once a day. I have never bought PPI and have never been mis-sold this either. PLEASE STOP CALLING OUR NUMBER!!!


Roger Getting calls everyday from this number now. This a ridiculous and unwanted way of promoting services, any advice regarding how to stop this with a immediate effect is appreciated.


D Mead really sick of the constant nuisance calls from this number. I am off sick from work with stress and this is not helping my recovery, to be constantly worried about the phone and who is ringing. Its been going on for ages. kind regards d mead


Andy Every few days we get an automated phone call from this number. It is a recorded message that states 'Hello. This is an important message about your payment protection insurance refund. Press 5 to process your refund now or press 9 to opt out. Press 5 if you wish to...' To be honest it hardly ever gets past 'Hello' as we just hang up. However its getting a bit annoying now.

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