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01204 384100 - Complaint Log

9 Complaints

01204384100 - 01204 384 100


gef1 I had just receieved acall from 01253 755781 which Googles as a scam and is listed as a solicitor called Claim to Regain or similar, 5 minutes later 01204 384100 called, same old scam, similar name so I guess I need to live through a period of nuisance calls until they get bored.


Frederick This call came through on my private mobile. The line was dead. Only my wife knows this mobile number.


Anon Somehow I received a call from this number. I have no idea who it is as I missed the call, but noone with that area code knows my number; my number is also unknown to anyone but personal relations. I would like to know how these people have got my number...


Steve Hung up; private unlisted mobile.


Are You Serious? 2 They say they are in Bolton. It is 'Claims-To-You' or similar name. And ask if you are "interested in getting banking charges refunded". Cheeky verbally abusive unprofessional people. Avoid.


Are You Serious? Nuisance/ went silent upon answering.


Mike Wrigley Receivd a call on my mobile from 01204 384100 this morning...however, when I answered the call, it was terminated without any response. This is a personal mobile and has not been given to anyone who wouldn't 'announce' themselves! I am most unhappy that my number may now be appearing on a 'marketing database' and DO NOT welcome unsolicited calls from ANYONE!


E.Clark They couldn't tell me how they had permission to use my cell number. They told me they had bought an automatic dialing service which my number was a part of, but it was unsolicited and unwelcome.


Sean Wills Got a call from a salesperson on my mobile. Asked where he had got my number from informed me it was on a database. Would love to know who is giving my mobile number out as i have only given it to family & friends and my insurance company.

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