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01204 545449 - Complaint Log

30 Complaints

01204545449 - 01204 545 449


alex I was called by this number and they said that they are from Wilson & Bateman related to claiming back excessive bank charges. I didn't follow lately the decisions on this issue but knew a House of Lords decision was due in November so it seemed very credible. After hanging up I looked up the company and that does not exist. I also looked for the latest on the matter and discovered that there was no new decision, therefore this was a waste of time and they would not return my money. When I called back that number I noticed that indeed the number was not a solicitors office as they pretended but a claim to gain thing. I googled the number and got to this site. I called to cancel and although they tried to dissuade me I did get them send my money back. I hope it is now settled but will check again tomorrow.


Colin Ditto everyone else - missed call to my mobile. What a useful website. Thanks


Simon Got a call from this number at work. They hung up when I answered. Googled the number, got this site - same as everyone else, really. Tedious though.


danni just typed this number into google because I don't recognise it and when I answered they hung-up on me. Saw this and thought I would also drop in note in. Looks like most people have experienced the same thing.


Karen ive also recieved an unknown caller on this number stating about bank charges totally through me i couldnt hear very well and they hung up, googled the number and saw all these comments!!!!


Ruth H Unsolicited call on my mobile , checked the number and saw it was from claim to gain , will ignore this number if anyone calls from it again


And Call to my mobile. Did not recognise the number so left it to Voicenail. Hung up when that kicked in. Googles it and got this sight. Sounds just like a lot of the other comments


Roger Clark, Edinburgh Recieved a call from 01204 545 449 on my mobile while at work. As soon as I answered the call the caller hung up. Did not recognised the number so called this morning before 8am to listen to a message stating I had reached Cllaim for Gain. Never heard of them and it was somewhat annoying getting a call at work


Madeleine Missed their call, however was expecting a call today from a number I knew I wouldn't recognise so called it back... heard the word 'claim' so hung up asap! Grrr For anyone not already aware there is Telephone Preference Service (TPS), register & it's illegal for companies to make unsolicited calls to you:


Ruth Just had a call from 01204 545449 as I answered it they hung up! called the nuber from a land line & it was claim for gain automated message which said it would put me through to the next available advisor.

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