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01204 677601 - Complaint Log

7 Complaints

01204677601 - 01204 677 601


Dave My 80 year old mother keeps on getting calls from these guys. My sister called them to give them a piece of her mind and tell them to stop calling, but they keep ringing. What type of scum work there?


Jacquie VERY rude and aggressive sales person on the end. I have answered the phone to these people SEVERAL times and told them that I DID NOT APPLY FOR A LOAN NOR DO I WANT ONE! The guy then insisted that I had applied three times and tried to insist that I told him whether or not I had outstanding debt that needed to be cleared, I told him to mind his own business and remove my details from their system. There HAS to be somewhere to complain to about these people!


Ernie Money Health Check they're called and they target people who have had finance within the last 10 years that included payment protection. Their methods of hard-selling the recovery of payment protection to clear outstanding debts to 'cold' customers is very aggressive, and the one telesales guy I spoke to did use abusive language towards me after I told him I wasn't interested in his parasitic company delving into my financial affairs. So all in all, they're just another annoying company created to pluck money out of thin air at your expense and are to be ignored at all costs. Thank you very much for free enterprise Mrs Thatcher.


mark ive just got a new phone number and only a few people have it. thees people keep ringing me and i keep telling them to go away now they phone me up and swear down the phone what can i dop there must be some law to stop this im thinking of ringing the police anyone know what i should do. thanks


Anonymous they ring me a ridiculous amount of times a day and when i do answer they ask for Trisha!!!! i dont know who Trisha is! and it doesnt matter how often you tell them, they keep on ringing!!!


Anonymous they ring me up to 6 times a day,say nothing, then hang up!


Mrs Powell Forever ringing, really annoying. Answer and then dial hash lots of times they soon get the hint!

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