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01204 677613 - Complaint Log

14 Complaints

01204677613 - 01204 677 613


Sara I was phoned by the above number on about 15 occasions during the last 2 weeks. Said that it was about a debt of some sort. Have asked them to stop calling but they are still ringing at least twice a day.


mary lorenzo I was phoned by the above number on about 15 occasions during the last 2 weeks. They kept on asking for someone called Lorraine and said that it was about a debt of some sort. Each time I have explained that I am ex-directory, have no-one of that name living here and have not had a loan of any sort either. I asked for my number to be taken off their list - each time I have asked this - and the man at the other end said that he would. They have still continued to call though and are proving a real pest. I have told them that I will report them for harassment next time. I am totally fed up with this.


Mrs Morris THIS IS DEFINATELY A NUISANCE CALLER! How they have got my number heaven knows but I have the same issue as others, they call my mobile then hang up. I found this extremely intimidating as I thought someone was playing a prank on me - I have now changed my number and suggest others do the same.


Hershal I had a call from this number as soon as you answer they HUNG UP on me. Thank you for all your comments guys I will ignore them cheers H


Mr Iqbal i can assure everyone here that this company is legitimate, i have recently received my cheque for 4856.27 which was my payment protection insurance over 6 years of toment by Welcome Finance. I can't thank them enough as this arrived at a time when i needed it and to think i was sceptic at first. i would recommend everyone to take time out to speak to these people as they have truely proved me wrong.Keep up the good work Money Health Check!


abi They called me on my landline, hung up when i answered then called back later saying that i was due some money because of a loan that i'd had, i have never had a loan. They claim to be called "Debt Matters".


Kerry I've had messages left on my voicemail asking me to call this number, saying I'm entitled to a rebate - was going to call them until I googled them and found all these complaints. Thanks everyone!


Peter Thanks for the advice will ignore completely.


Anonymous I've just had a phone call to tell me that I can claim back insurance for a debt that I had, I told them i'm not interested and didn't know how they had got my number, he was getting annoyed because he was not getting anywhere with me!! I told them i'm not interested anf hung up.


Michael This company is called money health check, called them back as missed the call, i assume they concollidate your debts and make a nice profit from your misery.

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