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01204 812000 - Complaint Log

11 Complaints

01204812000 - 01204 812 000


alan dafis Its Eon they arranged to call back and they did excellent service


Willsy They called me. 2 rings and hung up. Thanks to this site I have discovered it is EON. I moved in to this new property in 2001. In 2007 EON told me they had been reading the wrong meter and gace me a bill of several thousand pounds! I challenged. Paid some. Never acknowledged the debt. In Oct 2008, they gave me a figure for settlement. I paid it the next day. I then received a bill for 3,000! Now they say I owe them over 400. NOT AT ANY STAGE have they evidenced who overpaid to my shortfall! Scandalous! Oh, WITHOUT PREJUDICE, by the way!


chris greaves This number is eon, the utility company. I was expecting a call back from them this afternoon at 3.30, and they called back using this number. I was impressed not only that they actually called back, but that they called back exactly when they said they would. Well done eon, that's quality customer service.


Anonymous Called today by this number, refused to say who it was calling, if it is a reputable company such as EON why did they not say so, so ended call.


Oniel I was just on the Phone to Eon gor 20 minutes complaining about an extortionate 700 pounds bill, when i got cut off out of the blue. As soon as that happened, I received a call from that number but they hung up before i could answer. EON's customer service is CRAP


chris that no is eon


Sophia Just called me. I called it back and would not accept incoming. Or inform me what company or person i had called back who are they and how did they get hold of my new number


Alex this phone number called me today twice. the time i answered and they hung up and then they rang me back and hung up before i answered. does any1 know who they are?? they dont leave a message and you cant ring back.


Nick M This number keeps calling and just cutting off, you can hear background call centre noise


Mark keeps ringing me, won't take incoming calls

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