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01204 898066 - Complaint Log

4 Complaints

01204898066 - 01204 898 066


annonymous thinks rob is funny ..........


Anonymous due to possible come backs. phone you intimating that all meters must be registered, even touched on being a legal requirement. Very rude when challenged. They will tie you to a new electricity co with info you give them. I tried to contact them to complain and made 30+ calls to them and each time they simply put the phone down. They are not to be trusted. They phone and say they are COMMERCIAL REGISTRATIONS and that you must give them the meter details they ask for. Be very wary or it could get very expensive.


peter scam claiming to be 'central utility meter registration' and trying to solicit direct debit details over the phone in exchange for 'cheapest electricity deals' complete scam do not be fooled


Anonymous Thinks it's funny to call people up and ask them if they fancy a bum...

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