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01205 500026 - Complaint Log

35 Complaints

01205500026 - 01205 500 026


Plymouth I have had 2 calls from this number saying I must act quickly or lose the thousand pounds I am entitled to receive. I acted quickly and put the phone down, but can see why some people may follow it up - can't these calls be stopped if they are using the same number?


Mario If any of you arseholes read this and got the balls to tell me where your office is. I am sure there will be no response to this


Mario Recieved a call telling me because I am under 60 (I'm 68) I recieve a bonus of £1000, something to do with the pension. If I knew the address of this mob, I will go over and do something drastic. If no one can stop them, I can


christine I too received a similar call to Mr R Bryer. I figured that as it was recorded and they did not mention who they were - it was a hoax call.


R Bryer this number called me. It is a pre-recorded message (female) informing me that I am below 60 yrs and therefore am entitled to a pension bonus. I should urgently call them to find out more!!!!


PeteM Automated unsolicited call to my TPS number, regarding a supposed £1000 top-up to my pension.


MD A pre-recorded spam message, despite my number being on TPS.


Reeve Unsolicited recorded message inviting me to add £1000 to my private pension. Press 5 for further information.


L Brione Same thing as all other users here. The number is a Boston number. Hung up when it said "please press to find out more"


J Turner recorded message from a woman claiming I am due £1000.00 from a private pension as I am under 60 within 6 to 12 weeks! What are these people on?! I am sick to death of phone calls like these!! Registered with TPS too but this seems to make no difference to these companies!!

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