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01206 766921 - Complaint Log

1 Complaints

01206766921 - 01206 766 921


Pankaj I got a call from this number for some lucky draw or something related to Reliance insurance service... first a guy spoke to me and without even caring for my disinterest, started askng mefor info on my age, which i politely replied...however when i simply asked as to who gave my reference the guy was clueless and then handed over the phone to som illiterate lady named NEHA Agrawal (I hope the name was real.. at least this is what she told me)... started promoting the product info whithout carin for my non iterest in the same....and when i again asked the same question from the lady she started making silly which i simply refused to talk which she started hurling abuses..... and disconnected the phone....I really fely humiliated at the non courteous teletalk...through this I would like to tell all out there that dont ever buy any product from these kind f illiterate ppl over phone...who don't even know the basics os sales or consumer preferences...and equally disgusting from company's point as well...who hire or outsource the work to such people...

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