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01268 297675 - Complaint Log

6 Complaints

01268297675 - 01268 297 675


Linda This is Marbles, a credit card company. I do have a card with them but they asked me to confirm my name and way! They should be confirming that information with me not the other way round. They lady sounded grumpy and not at all professional in my opinion. So yes I would class it as spam.


alan mair repeated calls i choose to ignore. glad to see there are now other complaints and delighted to have found this site


Stewart phoned today (mar 06 2009) asking for security information about my card without explaining why.. "just needed to validate you before I can discuss with you"... pah! I refused and gave her a few thoughts to consider.


Helen Unsolicited persistent phone calls


R Trying to sell me insurabnce


E this number keeps ringing sometimes at half hour intervals somestimes only 5 or 6 times a day. It usuall rings three times - single rings - then stops. If it is answered there is usually no one at the other end

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