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01323 412864 - Complaint Log

4 Complaints

01323412864 - 01323 412 864


Charlene Saunders I am from Welbeing, a not-for-profit provider of lifeline services, The telephone number 01323 412864 is the number that the emergency pendant dials directly to our contact centre when pressed. If anyone has had any issues with this number please call me on 01323 644422 and I will help.


Ann Fardey This number appeared on my 92 years old mothers bill at a date and time she wasn't at home. Anyone know how can this be stopped?


Sandra Booker This number has appeared twice on my stop mothers bill exactly one week apart. She has been in hospital for the last six months. Thought I would try googling the number so glad I did;


Pia Prince This number keeps appearing on my telephone bill, even when I was in hospital and not here to make phone calls. BT insist that calls have been made but this has been going on for a long time. I try to call the number and it is either unobtainable or its a fax number. Could you tell me who this is please and how this phone number appears on the bill repeatedly. Thanks

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