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01323 888121 - Complaint Log

6 Complaints

01323888121 - 01323 888 121


Paul They phone every day claiming to be from a different financial institution each time they ring. They ask for someone who I've never heard of. If you tell them to stop ringing in a polite way or otherwise, they hang up - but keep ringing. They are scammers - I'll find out who they are and I'll post it on here.


Mike Hartley they phone every day asking for the people who used to live at the house before we bought it! Every time we ask them to remove our number from their system and tell them that the people do not live here anymore!! For some strange reason they continue to phone evry single day!!!!! This has to be stopped!!!


Andrew Wilkinson Asked for me, said it was regarding credit and the cooperative bank, I asked for a number to phone back on and they hung up.


Helen Winsborrow Phones regularly asking to speak to my husband, told them we are not interested, and they will not leave us alone. Does anybody know how I can put a stop to this? I phoned this number back and an ansaphone said something like it was an 'e-style' number, which has gone out of service.


Lawrie Elwell Really really concerned over this one. Its and a couple of asian gentlemen told me department of justice was giving me £500 back from over charging banks and they quoted me all of my bank details. Wanted my card number - which of course I refused. They wanted to bill me £49-99 and were saying they were doing this at the request of the government, how else would they get my bank account details. This is a whole new level of confidence trick, we have so much info, we must be legitimate, so give us the last bit so we know you are the right person. Clearly crooks. How can I complain ?


anonymous phones regularly looking for a Kevin Starkey - most annoying!

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