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01392 275975 - Complaint Log

8 Complaints

01392275975 - 01392 275 975


Charles Black My number is ex-directory and listed with the Telephone Preference Service yet I keep getting calls from this number - which is intercepted by my answer machine. When I did accidentally answer - expecting someone else - it is an automated call trying to sell solar panels.


Tim I was called by this number today on a new (Virgin Media) telephone line that has only just been installed, and I haven't given the number out to anyone yet. According to other posts the number is Anglia. The funny thing is in my last house when I got the phone connected (by British Telecom) Anglia were the first people to ring me on it too (and the second people and the third and the forth etc...). I think Anglia must pay Virgin and BT to get a list of new numbers immediately, and then they telephone them with marketing calls before any Telephone Preference Service registration kicks in (usually 28 days). Technically they probably aren't breaking the law, but they are certainly breaking the spirit of the law. Just don't give them your address as they will try to trick you into giving it - all they have is your phone number.


Simon Received a call from this number asking for someone who has never lived here (but whose name must be on a list associated with this number). I told her she had the wrong number and she read out an address which was also wrong. I asked her to remove this number from her list and not call again at which point she got snotty and told me it was a personal call anyway (which it obviously wasn't by both her manner and the amount of sales call noise in the background). TPS registration doesn't eliminate all of it!


sweeny Woman asking for person by name of Mr Todd when told not on this number she tried to get my address. I asked who she was and she said Anglian windows then tried to get the last three digits of my Tel. No. Didn't give any info.


Anonymous this number calls daily at 17.27 anyone know who it is?


Marcia Harvey phoned late one night - cold caller - although we are supposed to receive unsolicated calls on our number.


c bohop late calls, hangs up.


r bailey Call at Unsolicited cold sales call. Windows ?

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