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01392 348593 - Complaint Log

2 Complaints

01392348593 - 01392 348 593


Phil Silvers These people don't know what they are talking about. They haven't received appropriate training and are too young to appreciate that they are giving bad advice. They need de regulating


FINANCIAL CRUSADERS. I recently had a phone call from this company EMCAS and spoke to a agent, at first I was ready to hang up. After all I get these calls every day but this agent was making real effort to get me to listen so I did patiently waiting for a time I could politely say no thank you. Turns out I ended up very interested after a fifthteen minute phone call. Including thoroughly checking my details, going over my reasons to go ahead. Over all of there terms conditions and there fee, which may I add was told to me in the opening pitch and again closing pitch (so no reason for anyone to say they took half our money) left me with contact details also, which I feel was very important. I received the paperwork read through it thoroughly everything was as I had been told again the fee was in the booklet. They even give you an example. I signed dated sent it back dealt with no part of the claims process. No stress, I was successful received my full compensation then there invoice for there fee, so I knew exactly again how much I was paying out ect. Was stress free no hassle and they was very upfront and helpful it may seem like a high percentage. I strongly believe though I would never have claimed without them and did absolutely no work myself. So why not! very happy with my emcas experience and hace recommended to friends.

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