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01392 458970 - Complaint Log

13 Complaints

01392458970 - 01392 458 970


maggie powell persistant and unnecessary unsolicited calls from this number.


S Sheppard Perpetually calling, long silence after answering. Just get the message and stop calling!!!!


J.Tidey regular harrassment. Sometimes there's someone there, sometimes not. TPS clearly not working!


Colin Chambers They have just been on again, with the same spiel as my last complaint. They are very persistant. This time they said it was in response to my wife's call to them this morning. A call she did not make.


Colin Chambers I am also registered with TPS, but as others have stated it does not seem to stop this caller. Very polite spoken lady asked to speak to my wife, asked why, said it was research about Savings and ISA's recently taken out. Told them she was out and anyway would not speak to them and then hung up. Surprisingly number not withheld.


Rod Dawes I have been logging calls from this number since July 2013. 35 times to date. (but I am sure I have missed a load) I have tried polite and I have tried offensive, but nothing stops them. They just keep calling. Its at least every day this month so far (October 16th) and we are up to 17 calls since 2nd October. Surely this level of harassment is illegal?


Tel Here are their details. • EMC Advisory Services Ltd • Co Reg: 4859586 • Claims Mngt Regulator number CRM 1768 • 38-40 Palace Avenue, Paignton, Devon TQ3 3HE • 01803 697530 • Press Enquiries: Katy De Looze - 01392 353645 0800 093 4309


Carol Jackson I have had 2 telephone calls from this number. First call the woman started speaking to say who she was, then burst out laughing and hung up. The second call tonight the person just laughed and hung up


Kate Thompson Fortunately my answer machine picks up these calls, but they are very frequent. Like others, I am registered with the TPS and wish there were some way of stopping the large volume of unsolicited calls I still get


Anonymous I totally agree with the comments above. This company is a complete pain with their unsolicited calls. I too am registered with the TPS, but a fat lot of good it does when companies like this take no notice of other people's privacy. As above I too work shifts and have been woken by them. The telephone is now unplugged during the day, but why should I have to do that to stop this unwanted intrusion?

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