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01482 380680 - Complaint Log

11 Complaints

01482380680 - 01482 380 680


Thelma received what looked like a payslip through the post, opened it, to find I was required to phone the above number. luckily, I decide to look on internet first. thank you


Deborah Just received a printed note that I had to open in the same way you would a payslip. It was addressed to me, although I have only lived here 3 months. Not sure why I would call and ask for Elsie about some random number! You do worry about it though


beverly received today 09/04 with message Please call Bob on 01482380680 plus ref no Thankyou addressed to Occupier Im to old andwise to accept it at face value and checked immediately Thanks


fred this is not a scam! it is a trace company. they are trying to find people who have unpaid debts either at your address (maybe long before you lived there) or any neighbours checking if they have now moved houses emty etc. personally I would like to know if a previous tennant had bad credit against my address!!!!


Paul Seeing the complaints on the website, I too have recieved this postcard on 26/2/2011 (post stamp dated 24/2/2011), and thought I better see what it was about before phoning it. My postcard was addressed to 'The Occupier' The postcard says: "Plesae call Tom on 01482380680 Thankyou - Ref no. *********" Thanks to this service for helping me find that this was more than likely a scam!


Paul Ferguson Also just received a suspicious hand written note, must apply to a previous tenant. A very strange way for any business to go about contacting anyone, hardly seems legal with a PO Box.


teccy Just had a postcard through my door to "The occupier" saying call on 01480 380680 with a ref number. No details at all, since i do not have any debts and this is a debt collection agency I think this is a fishing exercise, they should not be allowed to do this!


John They have posted a postcard to 'the occupier' of my address asking to call Bob and a ref number! No other details are on it... I'm not falling for it


A Man It's Wescot credit services. They chase your debts


A Man It's Wescot credit services. They chase your debts

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