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01483 560546 - Complaint Log

12 Complaints

01483560546 - 01483 560 546


Aldo I seek van quote from go compare on line and now am inundated with calls from Van Compare on this number and 01932 504982 plus One Answer on 01323 819 621 and 01323 308072 and I think there may be others yet to arrive..... All this despite non disclosure status professed Where does one go to get reasonable secure competitive quotes ....A SMALL BROKER I SUPPOSE ....Personal confidential service seems to come at a price if at all ......Frustrating


rick pissed off with calls


paul keeps calling mobile now at other end. PLEASE STOP


Mark [UPDATE] Received yet more unsolicited phone calls from this afternoon. I subsequently phoned and spoke to a customer service representative, explaining I receiving a number of unsolicited phone calls from all day today. They apologies and assured me they will delete my phone number from their database but this process takes 48 hours to filter through and I may continue to receive additional unsolicited phone calls until the 48 hours has elapsed. I will post my update back here to clarify whether or not hold true to their word. Worth nothing they are FCA authorised - perhaps the FCA will be interested in learning about their unsolicited phone calls.


Mark selling van insurance. I received two unsolicitored phone calls to my mobile so far today. I neither own or need to own a van and don't need these annoying nusance phone calls fro What legal action can be taken to prevent these unsolicited phone calls? Can anybody assist from a legal perspective please. Thanks you.


Ben Yep, Van compare the culprit for me too. Although I did have a call 5 mins after I'd got the quote from a company and they continued to call 10 times in the next 3 hours after I'd told them that I hadn't even bought the van yet. Pests!


John Keeps ringing about four times and hangs up when I answer.


GH Just read prevoius complaints and I used VanCompare as well !


Gordon Harris Rang twice and when I answered went quiet then hung up. Happened shortly after I used Compare the Market for Van Insurance. Don't mind if they are canvassing for Van Insurance - I do mind hanging up on me!


John These companies are a disgrace! 6 calls across my mobile and landline today. They should make you OPT IN no hide opt out options. Vancompare the culprit for me.

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