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01525 383855 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01525383855 - 01525 383 855


steve phoned me twice in 15 mins just a beeping noise from fax i presume. not funny as i work nights !!!


Adam This fax number has been consatnatly phoning me too. Eventually found out that this is a company called Alto Digital.


Richard Plater This BT number has been constantly faxing my telephone number over the last month and leaving me beeping voice mails, I have contaced BT to try and trace the company to find a telephone number I can speak to someone on, but due to Data Protection they cannot give me the number, or tell me who the company is, I then asked if i give BT my details could they pass them on to the company to contact me regarding my issue, BT replied that it is not something they do. BT suggested I contact my carrier (Virgin) to block the number, which I did and Virgin said they dont do that and sugested if it was a malicious call I could contact the police, I said am I just supposed to put up with the constant calls then, and Virgin more or less said there was nothing else they could do. how utterly uselss from BT and Virgin!!.

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