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0161 4257480 - Complaint Log

9 Complaints

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john keenan Hello, I received your letter, concerning Vodafone first off I do not blame you acting upon info given to you but you have been fed a lot of lies by Vodafone they know exactly why they are not being paid they brought it all upon themselves, I submitted complaints regarding lack of service and attitude towards me, in the space of three months they were submitted they did not act upon my complaint at all, they would hang the phone up on me, they said I was not who I said I was, I was accused of being a racist after asking not in a racist manner I could not understand the Asian gentleman at all it was not meant in a negative manner, all the complaints were put forth on the Vodafone site I was told they would be addressed they were not I in all total contacted Vodafone 37 times I gave them two deadlines to contact me and sort the complaints out they did not, now I know my rights as a consumer if a company does not provide a service or a package they promise they have made the contract nill and void not me them, I have the right to go elsewhere if un-satisfied and that is law set out by offcom, so you can go back to Vodafone and tell them, to go away as they will not get money at all, so I am sorry you have been brought into something without knowing the truth, but go away, yours sincerely john keenan


steve Fredrickson, debt collection, deal with o2 debts


Bill They are a team of con artists. if you give them your name and address they will try and link a debt to you. Do not discuss anything, just leave them hanging on the phone. Do not even give them your name. They will also let it ring twice, as though you have a missed call and let you phone back.......


Jo They have called me three times. They ask to start with me to confirm my address and date of birth. When advised no I will not do so without finding out who they are, they rudely advised well they have sent me phone calls I should reply. I advised I have three houses, if they could advise what it is In relation to I will speak to them. The rude man. Just said read my letters and hung up. Now I'm worried have I missed a payment on something.


Scott Cooper My Daughter got letters from this company, my wife rang them to sort the problem out (vodafone debt) and they are very rude and kept talking over her not letting my wife explain that its a error on vodafones part they wouldn't listen, when my wife said are you going to listen and stop talking over me they said she was being rude and put the phone down.


Doreen This company is Fredrickson international, a debt recovery agency. After several phone calls to a family member with learning difficulties I rang the company. Goods had been obtained fraudulently in the family members name. Even after considerable explanation this companys member of staff was totally unhelpful and at times quite rude. They were not willing to divulge any information to help us resolve the matter and I would warn others of their sheer lack of training in dealing with the public. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR DETAILS UNLESS THEY ARE WILLING TO EXPLAIN THE NATURE OF THEIR CALL FIRST. VERY RUDE AND UNHELPFUL!!!


john they are a debt company called fredrickson international. deal with british gas and tiscali debts as far as i no.


mags same here they phone at dinner time and they phone first thing in the morning


megan it keep phoning up every night between 6-8 pm and it is getting quite annoying

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