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01622 845421 - Complaint Log

11 Complaints

01622845421 - 01622 845 421


elizabeth oreilley phoning me at terrible unhospital times. we are in our 70s.


Malcolm Stephenson I have lung cancer, chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension and blood clots on both my lungs. I receive a lot of calls from hospitals etc re my health, I do not expect to get up answer the phone and for no one to be there I need this stopping aap thank you


Beach I get this number calling me several times a day and it is usually a cold call so I don't answer. They just won't give up so I have reported them via Ofcom for being cold callers here: And to the TPS for telemarketing here: I urge others to do the same please, to get something done. I've had responses to both complaints via email to acknowledge my complaint. Ofcom don't look at it case by case but I assume compile complaints and if they get so many then act. TPS say they will make sure my number is not used by the company again. If this isn't the case after 28 days I need to let them know. So fingers crossed.


Paul G 01622845421 Energy Helpline Ltd,, Energyhelpine Business Ltd, Fundraising Innovations Ltd. The Registered Directors For this Company, calling themselves Energy Helpline Ltd, listed as active but with nil trading in 2010, are Paul Andrew Green and recently appointed Mark Todd. Paul Andrew Green is also a Director of Fundraising Innovations Ltd (£3m plus assets) from which Mark todd recently resigned. Both Comanies have the same HO address the Head Office Telephone number is 01622 845400... or write to Paul Andrew Green and Mak Todd at their listed addresses given by following links below. This is Public Information from the UKs Companies House, a Government list of registered Companies and their Directors. All you need to know is in the links below then follow your own trail... You may also like to check out a more recent Company called Energyhelpline Business Ltd, which also has the same Head Office address as the other two, and of whose Directors is listed as Fundraising Innovations Ltd. Head Office Address for all Companies mentioned... THE CART WAGON LODGE FRIDAY STREET FARM EAST SUTTON MAIDSTONE ME17 3DD GB 01622 845400 Now then Messrs. Paul Andrew Green, Mark Todd, et al, if any of your companies ever phone twice a day for weeks like you did to my frail old Mother, now we ALL know where you live...


Rick Called and then hung up on reply. Suggest using a police whistle next time they call - a burst eardrum normally gets the mesage across!


kelly if you get a call from this number 01622 845421 try not to answer as they have stolen an excess of a 2.6 million of your hard earned cash just by people answering the phone, but do report right away to tps and your phone provider ....don't be a victim guys!!!! lets get these a**holes put away!


Bill Have asked them loads of times to stop calling now have the number by the phone caller id and answer with F+++ off!! TPS did nothing, lets see if this works? or at least it might convince the moron on the other end to consider a job.


G Poole Rang me but cut off on my pick-up.


Roger Steel They keep calling us and then put the phone down when we ansewer. We did spesk once to an energy helpline and said please dont bother us again but they dont seem to have got the message


Ben They have no permission to ring me and still they persist. Reported to TPS

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