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01625 858191 - Complaint Log

8 Complaints

01625858191 - 01625 858 191


Christina D I have been charged for 15 calls to this number and I never ever use the land line, some of the calls were made when I was out and I live alone. How is this possible, I will be in touch with sky tomorrow.


Roger This is not a complaint but a possible explanation. The majority of the complaints refer to elderly people, do these people have a Careline Help alarm button either around their neck or around their wrist to call for assistance if they become ill. My wife does and if she uses it that is the number it calls to summon help in an emergency.


F Taylor My elderly uncle who has severe health problems has this number on his bill a few times, he is unable to see properly and certainly not been calling this number


David Skinner My elderly mother has been charged for twenty calls to this number between 29 Nov and 9 Feb. She resides in sheltered accommodation and her phone is connected to an alarm system but she says she has not had cause to activate the alarm on 20 occasions during the period in question. I have tried phoning the number but am unable to speak to anyone as it would appear to be an automated system.


sandra this number keeps coming up on my elderly mums bill every month at 10.53 for 21 seconds bt say they are going to investigate but they think it some sort of alarm


Edward Regularly charged 18p to this number which is totally unknown to us and does not show on our own call log which we keep.


John My elderly aunty asked me to investigate....her BT bill shows charges for calls to this number...she is sure she hasn't made them.


Margaret Milner I am being charged for calls to this number I have not made - it is a recorded message claiming I am not being charged for this number and helping with debt management blah blah.

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