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01792 211845 - Complaint Log

45 Complaints

01792211845 - 01792 211 845


M Called me.... do not press any numbers as they will now your number is 'Live'...


Tim There are generally two companies involved in a scam like this. One with the telecom resources and telesales staff makes the nuisance calls, and then another follows up the leads generated. Some have identified the latter company as “PPI Advice Line” whilst others have suggested Redhawk Legal Ltd in Swansea following up on the leads. The company actually making the nuisance calls would appear to be Telemagic Ltd of 15A Cowell Street, Llanelli SA15 1UU. Companies can get blocks of numbers, and Ofcom records show Telemagic Ltd. is allocated the block 01792 211 xxx. Of course CLI can be faked, but other things point to the calls really being from there. Firstly Google street view shows a banner outside Telemagic Ltd’s registered address attempting to recruit “telesales staff” inviting them to call 07727 606257 for an interview. Secondly the director of Telemagic Ltd., Joseph Waite (born 25/03/1981) is director of “Protect Your World Ltd” which, under its previous name of “Mobiles 4 Less Ltd” became notorious for similar aggressive telemarketing of a dubious insurance product.. However, these nuisance calls may be making money for Joseph Waite, if he is the same Joseph Waite of nearby 16 Glan Yr Afon, Llanelli SA15 3QB who, on 20 March 2013, made a planning application to make a rear extension and attic conversion there.


D Price Keeps calling my mobile


Lola Make them stop! Persistent calls, I will never answer. In this day and age, consumers should have greater protection from this junk.


Dan Persistent calls - unwanted


Anonymous Persistent unsolicited calls


betty bee Persistent phonecalls from recorded message claiming I have an amazing personal protection insurance pay-out to claim. steer clear, probably after banking details for fraudulent purposes.


Sophy I get a few calls of this number but i never answer. They ring my personal and my work mobile


Tim C What a bunch of pricks. Why call someone and say nothing? Have it listed in my phone as PPI AUTOMATED BULLSHIT so I can reject it.


Jason King Rings my mobile and then hangs up when I answer.

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