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01792 229220 - Complaint Log

19 Complaints

01792229220 - 01792 229 220


linda MARTYN SMITH WHO ARE YOU we dont want your sales pitch for these leeches MY CHOICE to have MY PHONE on the TPS Registry needs respecting DONT F ING CALL ME Im going to pay a PERSONAL visit and make a public fuss lets see what the national TV exposure will do for this industry u have been w a r n e d


linda MARTYN SMITH WHO ARE YOU we dont want your sales pitch for these leeches MY CHOICE to have MY PHONE on the TPS Registry needs respecting DONT F ING CALL ME Im going to pay a PERSONAL visit and make a public fuss lets see what the national TV exposure will do for this industry u have been w a r n e d


Martyn Smith For the benefit of anyone called by REI. REI is an FSA registered company and must follow regulated compliance procedures. If you have a complaint about their services that is not resolved you have recourse to both the Financial Services Authority and the Financial Ombudsman (details below). About the insurance REI supply. REI do not supply warranties. Beware of companies who supply warranties as they are not regulated and many have been shut down by Trading Standards Agency. Be very careful if you are offered a warranty as these do not have to be underwritten and if the company folds your warranty folds with it. The insurance REI supply is genuine underwritten insurance from reputable and known insurers in the market place which is designed to save the customer money over many current high street mobile phone suppliers and their insurers who tend to overprice their mobile phone insurance. The typical insurance which REI sell will cost £133.20 over the term of an 18 month phone contract (note REI insurance is monthly so you are not locked into a contract and you can cancel at any time). Compare this with insurance provided by the networks and high street providors. O2 £10.00 pm over 18 months = £180 - Save £46.80 Carphone Warehouse @ £13.99pm over 18 months = £251.82 - Save £118.62 Please note: You will always have a 14 day cooling off period in which to check that your new insurance is appropriate and please do the sums and see if it works for you. If not you can still cancel the policy for a full refund. Advertising Calls Under current laws and compliance REI are allowed to make what is termed an 'advertising call' to potential customers, however they must say who they are and why they are calling. They also must explain all details of the product and they must not proceed with a sale unless they get verbal confirmation from the customer. An FSA regulated company like REI must comply with strict compliance rules and all agents follow a script which outlines who they are and why they are calling. In the case of the script REI currently use, their agent will mention their name 3 times and also how they are regulated, also if you take the insurance with them that you must cancel your previous policy if you have one, and finally, that REI are not associated with your mobile phone provider or current insurer. The agent will require confirmation from the customer that they understand this before they proceed. Agents are strictly monitored but if you think that these procedures have not been followed, REI would like to know so please call them on their customers sevices number 01792 222322 / 222324 so that they can investigate. If you sign up with REI they will send you a welcome letter with all the details about themselves including contact details and how to contact the FSA and the Insurance Ombudsman if you have a problem. For clarification this letter also states all the information again that was given in the script by the agent. The letter also gives you a 14 day cooling off period from receipt of your policy, so that if you are not happy about anything you have the right to cancel by calling their customer services. Complaints Under FSA regulations, if you are not happy with anything you should make a complaint to the company concerned who must deal with it in a set time guideline. However if you are still not happy you have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman or the FSA and they will look into it for you. (all details below) Real Estate International (Financial Services) Limited 91 High Street Gorseinon Swansea SA4 4BL Customer Services: 01792 222322 / 222324 FAX: 01792 224055 EMAIL: Real Estate International (Financial Services) Limited are an appointed representative of Comparisure Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. --------------------------------------------------- The Financial Ombudsman Service South Quay Plaza 183 Marsh Wall London E14 9SR Consumer helpline: 0300 123 9 123 or 0845 080 1800 open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday Website: ---------------------------------------------------- Financial Services Authority 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HS Consumer Helpline: 0300 500 5000 Website:


Anonymous I too have had a contract for just a month with vodafon and have bought from the carphone warehouse, i have had a missed call from thi number also, it didn't ring long so i searched asap and found this. I called it back to listen to what they said and answered it with a company name. I have automatically blocked the number on my phone so they cant rin anymore the conning idiots!


G.Wells Missed a call, only had the new phone and number for a day, so I returned their call. They said I had asked for phone insurance from carphone warehouse where I had just bought the phone. I said a didn't want insurance and they just said ok. Now keep getting calls from them. Carphone Warehouse has obviously given them my number as I hadn't given it it anyone else yey, it was that new!


Edmund Wakeling Purchased a mobile on 19/9 from a subsidery of Carphone warehouse online called Great phone with an unreal deal with vodaphone. Accont all confirmed with Vodaphone. My broadband is with Tiscali and has since it's been taken over by Talk Talk... part of Carphone warehouse. The point i trying to get at is the source of the leak of confidential info. My old mobile account which was directly with Vodaphone was unaffected by such calls. My new contract date started 21/9 and i was called by 01792229220 on 30/9 and again since. Just don't answer..hang it up. Since my broadband has changed hands (still Tiscali and same services but nowhere near as reliable) the number of coldcalls via the home number (which is ex-directory) has increased tens-of-fold. I believe a real source for a leak is via Carphone warehouse. I feel Carphone warehouse should investigate into this and scrutinise thier staffs activities. It's not just a matter of a number being passed on... people are being robbed and insulted along the way. It really has to stop.


rich put this company out of business, get you bank to charge back the money into your account and report them


Steve Cheers for the heads up, just received a new phone from Vodafone within the last week & I have already received a missed call from this company. Now I know, I will void them.


trading standards swansea council we have recieved a number of complaints about real estate international misselling insurance for mobile phone customers, if you feel you have been treated unfairly, you can either go direct to the financial services authority or to trading standards based at swansea council.


Graham Dirty little bas***ds, avoid these people at all costs

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