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01792 350039 - Complaint Log

5 Complaints

01792350039 - 01792 350 039


Dontu Wantono Called to say that they represented the HSBC credit card fraud department. Then proceeded to ask questions about my card. I had used the card previously for an Internet purchass that did not go through. But was suspicious after the event as I had had to remove a trojan horse from my computer afterwards. I confirmed with the credit card company and they denied all knowledge. I believe that this number now belongs to a group of fraudsters.


Steve This number continually calls, anytime of any day...its driving me mad!!!!!!


Jo (Eastbourne) I answered the phone today 20 July 2010. A voice said "hello can I speak to ", there was a brief pause and then they hung up.


Stepjen I was in the US on a different time zone and this number called to days runnng and hung up in the middle of the night my time. June 2010.


N/A This number keeps calling my Mobile & hanging up

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