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01792 357159 - Complaint Log

10 Complaints

01792357159 - 01792 357 159


Atkinson We are receiving continuous calls from this number leaving voice mails or on answering I hang up, until today. I pressed 2 and advised we were on the telephone preference list and I would report them and they just hung up. Reading these complaints they need to be traced and their office closed down.


Chris This is the Swansea Call Centre that phoned you with this number and or one of another 100 phone numbers.


Chris Another repeated harassment from the Swansea Call Centre who was recently fined for abusing those they call. This phone number along with more than 100 another similar phone numbers with the dial code 01792 belongs to the same Swansea Call Centre that was shown on BBC Three TV. They try to sell you everything and if you stop answering the calls they than use an International phone number linked to the Internet. Sorry folks, even if you are registered with TPS this call centre will abuse your phone number, best just program into your caller ID it is a Swansea Call Centre and don't answer. I have even had to switch off my answer phone as they fill that too.


Rob Spam call this morning at 09:50 - 'offer about your boiler - press 2'. Didn't press 2 - so just hung up.


Alan I am getting a call every day from this number about a free boiler


Iain This number called me a few seconds after 01443 357159 called. I let them both go to the answer-phone, at which point they both hung up.


Mr R Stockdill I am sick of receiving calls from the above number telling me about a free boiler. When you ring back they simply hang up. They are a pest, a nuisance and SCUM!


Annoyed Many calls offering a new boiler, only today did caller leave telephone number when 1471 dialled. No name of company given to complain officially.


roy g frost regular daily calls from 01792 357159 advising me I haven't yet taken up my free replacement boiler.


beaver Repeated messages left, but can't return call. Eventually spoke to someone who when I said I would like my number removed from their database, slammed the phone down!!

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