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01792 474054 - Complaint Log

2 Complaints

01792474054 - 01792 474 054


lynne same as stu's kept ringing me but saying they had heardi had received bank charges in the past, i questioned who they were, told TNT and asked how they got my number and how did they know anything about my financial history? woman couldnt answer me so i politely asked to speak to a supervisor and as above she hung up! only rthey're not very clever as number appears on your phone i phoned her back and told her she was not very clever and had only wound me up even more! she didnt even put me on hold why speaking to someone else so i heard her slagging me off. told the "sopervisor" i was not happy and would complain to the communication ombudsman.


Stu They keep calling me even though I don't give my number out and have emailed O2 to ask if they pass on numbers which they do not. They told me my contract was due to be expire withint three months (I have 7 months left). I dont know what they do, but they hung up when they found out they had been caught out. No doubt they have logged what i said and I expect to have a phone call when my three months are closing in.

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