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01792 656750 - Complaint Log

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DD Had a few missed calls off them then came across this website. Next time they rang I answered and played along. Concocted crap story about compensation then gave them false address. Then didnt hang up at the end of their call. Waste their time - they are paying to call a mobile. If enough people waste their time and money they will soon get pissed off. Ring them back and hang up repeatedly. Spin them a yarn about how you need their help then hang up. Waste as much of the time they are paying their staff for as possible.


Anon They have rung severel times a day for weeks now. they dont leave it long enough to answer if you do get to the phone in time nobody speaks. Very annoying. it could be very scary to someone who has just come out of a violent relationship when they think it is there ex-partner.


Caroline Piper I received a call today from this company claiming to be able to help me reclaim lots of money from financial institutions who had applied payment protection to my accounts/loans without my knowledge. They started asking questions of which loans and mortgages I'd had in the past 12 years and amounts etc. When I mentioned I couldn't speak at work the phone went dead. Maybe a coincidence but....


E They have called me over 10 times today, in spite of me asking the first 6 times for them to stop calling me and remove my details from their system.


d this has got to stop


Andrew For your information if this number appears on your missed call list etc. I must have got 'lucky' when i picked up there was actually someone there. The company is Seven Claims. (website is They called to asking to help me with a claim against being missold payment protection in the past. Guy was actually pleasant but disagreed that this was a 'cold' as 'already had my details.'? Not sure what that means.


Steve got them stored in my phone as "some sales tosser" - filter's 'em out ;)


ian h Received 4 calls so far and everytime it rings several times and stops


Justin Answered the call and no-one spoke on there. After a few seconds they hung up the call.


Sarah Keeps ringing, daily. I don't answer numbers I don't know so checked on here, glad I haven't. I may answer the next one and ask where they got my number from, as it's my mobile they're calling. I haven't been looking for loans.

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