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01792 763540 - Complaint Log

22 Complaints

01792763540 - 01792 763 540


J Allen Phoned and asked if they could speak to J Allen. Answered 'Yes there are two in the house" to which there was an "Oh" and then they just hung up without a word of explanation. Telemarketing at it's worst.


Miss Genders My sister received calls at 0200 hour, 0400 hours and 0600 hours on 6th July. I have picked up the email contact from the first comment and have complained in no uncertain terms. It would seem these are 'No win no fee' merchants touting for business.


john thomas i too recieved calls from this company [Anderson Beard Limited], apparently when i got through to them some idiot left their dialler thing on all night!!! i sent them a rude email to and got an apologetic email "human error" etc, I told them if they ever call me again i will be complaining to everyone that will listen.


Karen Selway These morons rang our house at 1am and then 3.30am. Frightened the life out of me , my husband, and our three children. We thought that something had happened to a family member. This anti-social scumbag organisation and it's 'aspiring to be scumbag employees and director can look out if they ever ring again. How desperate do you all have to be for a so called job. Hope you all end up walking the streets in a hurricane in the middle of winter. You pathetic LOSERS!!!


Beckie I was phoned this morning at 12.30am and again at 5.50am, which in turn woke the whole house. Not happy if i find out were this company is then i will personally kick some ass.


Mr Angry from Cardiff I was phoned at 12:00, 02:40 and again at 05:30 this morning. Automated message. Have rung this number again today and still an automated reply. If I get called again tonight I will drive to Swansea and stick their phone system up their arse!!


Newport wales Repeated calls through the early hours of the morning. Some silent, some automated voice asking if I had ever worked in a noisy environment affecting my hearing. They have also rung my father last night.Company is known telemarketing and insurance dabblers called Anderson Beard Ltd of 16A Axis Court Mallard Way Swansea. The company Director is a William Edward Alexander. Ring me again tonight Mr Alexander and on my day off on Thursday I will be paying your Swansea office a visit.


Frank Brocklehurst Whoever these idoits are phoned me at 4.27 AM. To start with I am only just getting over a heart attack. Secondly, My sister is seriously ill and I am half expecting a phone call with bad information about her. Thirdly, my daughter had to answer the phone and she has to get up at 5.00am to go to work.


Mark Sue: Anderson Beard are in Swansea (01792) - Alexander Beard are in Chester (01244) and Leeds (0113). I cannot find anything to do with Alexander Beard on WhoCallsMe, TelePest or PhoneSpamFilter, apart from this erroneous thread. Please post the link to what you found - I am not an employee of any of these companies - I too was awoken at 1am by the recorded message!


sue re two previous posts.suggest u check out websaite whocallsme and raed the posts about the connection to alexander recruit for them !

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