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01792 823816 - Complaint Log

19 Complaints

01792823816 - 01792 823 816


Baschea Just had call from this bunch of cowboys saying that they understood there had been an accident a few months ago. I said 'that was no accident, I killed him deliberately'... they hung up!!! Ha ha ha


Londoner I keep getting missed calls from this number. I dont want to return the call (after reading the replies on here), but how can I stop them calling me?


HR Got a phone call asking if I had had any accidents etc. When asked where they had obtained my number they said "internet or text enquiry". This cannot possibly be true for my number and I am also ex-directory and registered with the TPS. Have complained to TPS.


Mr R had a text earlier this week about an accident which I deleted and took no notice of then recieved 2 calls from this number today which I didnt answer and no message left.


Angel Called me, asked for someone I had never heard of, I said they don't live here, Just hung up on me


Mark Steventon Phone rang 13 Feb 09, when answered no one there


Anon Rang andwhen answered they hung up


Elad Shetreet They called me a number of times in early February 09 and on one occasion they did not even respond when I picked up the telephone, it was literally for the sake of harassment.


Alex I am trying to find out the company behind this sort of practice. I am intending to bring civil lawsuit that they will never forget. Breaches: Communication (Wireless) Act 2003 s.127, Breaches of the 5th and 7th data principles as described in the Data Protection Act 1998, and if it is a firm of solicitor specialising in injuries compensations, a complaint to the Law Society and the SRA would be on the card challenging the fitness to hold licence.


John Appears to be public nuisance/business making phone calls to eleicit information about any "accidents in the family over past three years" and then ringing off. Tried to phone 01792 823816 to find out about company but was put on interminable hold - so they appear well used to people wanting to complain.

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