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01792 832464 - Complaint Log

12 Complaints

01792832464 - 01792 832 464


V Bremner Refused to tell me who they were initially, they said calling about an outstanding financial claim. Then tried to get information about policies I had PPI on. As soon as I said none they hung up. Rude, unsolicited calls


kevin winter They keep calling me everytime i have told them that i have no PPI to claim they just hang up so far this year they have called me 3 times is there anything we can do to stop this i have ever complained to vodafone about text and phone calls from theres people when will it stop.


Dave Called didnt say anything and just hung up.


Ed Very rude person called. When I asked them to slow down and explain what they were trying to tell me they just hung up!! Tried to call back but no answer!!


Mark called me today, played music in the background -- then hung up! rang back and they said did I have a missed call? ANNOYING!


Simon I received a call, claiming to be from the "Department of Outstanding Claims". The caller couldn't even pronounce my surname correctly, which annoyed me from the outset. Needless to say, it was a call about PPI Insurance. I have told them that I have never bought PPI Insurance in my life, and instructed them not to call me again.


Harry Elliott PPI Claim, Annoying Calls every few days.


Kate Called twice within 24 hours, first woman said I'd be removed from system, second woman tried to say she was from a different call centre despite the fact the numbers were the same. Both women were Welsh (I'm not entirely convinced it wasn't the same woman) and both were asking me about PPI stuff.


Nick Jones Unsolicited call regarding PPI. Said it was about an outstanding financial claim (devious). Checked their website and they are one of the many, annoying PPI spammers touting for business - Redreclaim Have blocked the number.


Colin Red Reclaim. PPI nonsense.

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