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01792 862929 - Complaint Log

10 Complaints

01792862929 - 01792 862 929


Kinny Had a missed call from this number didn't recognise it, glad i googled it now. Cheers.


Claire They keep calling me!! I've asked them umpteen times to stop phoning me as my contract is not due to end until June 09 but they still persist!!!


Kellaweena They've been calling me pretty much twice a day for 2 weeks now, but ive never bothered to answer it - because i didnt recognise the number. I've had problems with insurance scammers trying to sell me bogus insurance, which i fell for once.. and im not willing to fall for it, or anything similar again!


beaver missed call from this number. just looked it up on here and i'm glad i didn't answer it!


CM Getting phoned three times a week by Mobiles 4U. I had a guy call today who I politely asked to stop calling. He said that his office had not rung me before and I said they had. I ended up having an argument with him about it saying that I could see on my phone record that they had called before. He wouldn't have it. He said my number would be removed from the record, which is what they say everytime. How can you make these calls stop?


Richard I received a telephone call indicating that Mobiles 4 U was acting on behalf of my mobile supplier, and understood that my mobile phone contract was coming to an end. When I indicated that the contract was not due to expire for quite some time, I was asked when exactly. I responded by saying that Mobiles 4 U should have been provided with this information by my provider, and was told that the network providers do not give Mobiles 4 U this information. After several attempts of politely telling the agent that I would rather discuss this matter directly with my network provider, I was left with no option but to say goodbye and terminate the call. Before I did, I was told that Mobiles 4 U would call me again and again until I provided the information that it needed, as the organisation was acting on behalf of the network providers. It all sounded rather suspicious to me.


Lisa Calling saying that they were from Vodafone and that my Contract was coming to end and that i could upgrade my phone. I contacted Vodaphone after and they said that this is not true.


Donna keep trying to offer new phone as my contract is up!! My contract is still good til August next year, told them this and said im not interested, but still calling! Always at midday!


P Dacosta Mobiles 4 U - your O2 contract is coming to an end - the usual rubbish. I had calls from these people on an 0845 number, seems they are changing their tactics. After asking for the manager the calls stopped for a little while but are now continuing.


Jodie Roberts Nusiance calling

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