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01903 213519 - Complaint Log

7 Complaints

01903213519 - 01903 213 519


Noel Again repeatedly calling over 2 years despite having been told again and again that I will be taken off their marketing list. Sick.


Jonathan This Company (Anglian Windows) has been calling me sporadically for nearly ten years. They call on Bank Holidays, Sunday lunchtimes, evenings and daytimes with no pattern. Despite me telling them many times that i'm not interested and asking them to stop, they still continue. I've registered with TPS online now so hopefully it will stop.


DBS I have seen this on another site. Here is the answer. Found out who this number belongs to. It is ANGLIAN Double Glazing in Worthing WS. They phoned me again today, and I actually spoke to someone. I have told them that they are causing problems, but I do not think it sunk in. So give them a ring and have a go at them. Homepage: ANGLIAN HOME IMPROVEMENTS Great Britain MUIR HOUSE, BROADWATER ROAD BN14 8HY WORTHING, WEST SUSSEX Phone: 01903 233186 Then call BT about it, by ringing BT number:- 0800 800 800 then follow the options. 1 then 4 then 2 then 3 then speak to person. I hope this solves your problems.


Mr C This constant calling then cutting off has frightened mum -74yrs. Its as though someone is calculating whether she is in or not. Its frightening her to death and should be stopped.


Tony Call from this number, no message left and number does not receive incoming calls.


Steed Never leaves messages. Number does not accept incoming calls.


Valentine Cannot ring back - no messages.

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