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01903 711330 - Complaint Log

2 Complaints

01903711330 - 01903 711 330


Mrs David Said they were Sky TV and wanted to confirm credit card number. Stupidly I gave the number but refused to give security code. Have now cancelled credit card just in case on advice of credit card company who will now issue new card and pin number.


Mrs H Company has called once or twice a week for last 4 weeks (right in the middle of baby bathing/making dinner/eating dinner) asking for Mr/Mrs Williams - we have had our new telephone number 3 months and explained this to idiot on other end of phone and told them we were registered with TPS and to take our number OFF their database - finally lost it when a woman called from same company tonight asking for Mr/Mrs Williams - she had the audacity to get sniffy and say their comapny had never phoned before! I repeated we were registered with the TPs and it was illegal for them to phone, so take our number (which I quoted x 3 times) OFF their register - "we havent phoned before, we havent phoned before and yes, I KNOW THE NUMBER, YOU DON'T HAVE TO KEEP REPEATING IT TO ME" came the snotty reply....GRRRR....

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