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01903 711337 - Complaint Log

5 Complaints

01903711337 - 01903 711 337


Turboclicker They phone up offering a deal on Sky insurance renewal (which I don't have). They want an instant response and ask for bank details over the phone. They are rude and keep pressing you. When you question them they put the phone down.


Andy This firm has plauged me now for at least the last 3yrs +, I have told and re-told them over and over that I have never had nor never will have anything to do with them and hang up... A couple of times they have phoned me and as soo as they say who they are I put the phone down only to get them phoning straight back and asking what happened, when I tell them I put the phone down they try to become abusive so I put the phone down on them again, I can then guarantee for the next few hours they phone me wait for me to answer and they then hang up without saying anything...


cindy phone call today saying they wanted to reduce the cost of my sky plan, funny I had only had my sky plan renewed last week!! They wanted to confirm my bank details to them, firstly they ask for your bank, then they give you the first 4 digits of your account number which i now persume are the same for every account with that bank, when you confirm this information to them they then ask for you to give the rest of your account number so that they can confirm the rest of your details, when I pointed out to them that they already have my details as i have a direct debit set up for my sky plan, the woman who rang today said that she needed them to confirm my details I told her that I never give out my bank details on the phone and she said that she could not help any further with saving me money. I said goodbye and put the phone down. I see from other complaints that this is the same company who did a similar thing about 6 weeks ago, this time when i refused to give any bank details, the man on the phone became very abusive and put the phone down


Lax They call saying they're Sky and wanting to renew Sky cover. When questionned they said they were Satelite Direct. I said I did not want cover and had previously cancelled any arrangements. They said they were still recieving payments. They aren't. They became very abusive before hanging up.


Lorna Geary They call saying they're Sky and wanting to renew Sky cover. They are not Sky and when questionned very rude and put phone down.

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