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01904 870500 - Complaint Log

6 Complaints

01904870500 - 01904 870 500


Celeste 8 calls so far. Only answer high-pitched noise. Unavailable for reply


Roy Davenport Call after call from this number. If answered it sounds like it is coming from a fax machine.


MAC This number keeps calling but when I pick the phone up there is no answer. Rung at least 6 times tonight. Such calls should be stopped as could be unnerving for elderly people.


Tesh This fax number keeps rining me. we have no fax machine so what use is it to send a fax to a non fax line :) Idiots. will see if FPS registration stops this.


Mike Henry 01904 870500 is a "FAX FARM" - businesses subscribe to a service and a computer does the rest !!! Received fax offers the following opt-out .... "If you no longer wish to receive fax marketing from Nationwide Express Parcels, please visit and enter your fax number and the Fax ID: NEP09" In theory this will stop faxes sent on behalf of National Express Parcels - it wont stop calls on behalf of any other business which subscribes to their service !!!


gerry ford Repeated calls from this number, rings twice then stops on trying to ring back number engaged

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