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01924 215367 - Complaint Log

7 Complaints

01924215367 - 01924 215 367


Anonymous Numerous calls made of an evening, hanging up when ansaphone cut in. Did 1471 and rang Tel No. No answer - just a nuisance.


Anon Asian chap - asked for my husband then asked if I were a family member. He said I was owed money from the bank and they wanted to check my address - he had the first line of my address which he read out to me. I said I was confused as to why he was calling and said it was unlikely that I was owed money - he hung up before I could get any more information. The same number had called the evening before but didn't leave a message.


Sue Just had a telephone call from a foreign speaking man telling me that the government brought in a legislation last week to repay people with hidden bank charges that my bank has been charging me for the past 6 years. He had my name and address but then he asked me for my date of birth. When I asked why he needed my date of birth because surely if he had a cheque for over £1600 for me from my bank (his words) then he should just send it out to me as my bank has all my information and has told me not to give this information to anyone over the phone. He started arguing with me, telling me that he was from the UK government and that if I didn't want the cheque that he would rip it up. I put the phone down and have reported it to my banks. Sad thing about this is that some people are gullible and will give these scammers the information that they are asking for in the hope that they will get 'their cheque'.


Michelle Asian female called telling me I was due a refund from bank overcharges and had my name and address but wanted my bank details. I told her she wasn't entitled to that info and she said she couldn't post me the cheque without that bank verification. I put the phone down and have emailed my bank.


anon Asian male saying he is from financial verification and that i was owed back bank charges sounded like a scam to me, loud music in background and very difficult to make out what he wanted, just put the phone down.


Cathy An 'Asian' sounding man rang saying he was from a legal verification company and I was due £2k back from bank charges. He confirmed my name, address & tel no. and asked which bank I was with. I rang off but he rang back and I told him he was not going to get any more info from me as I thought it was a scam. he carried on refuting this and asked to confirm the long number on my card, which was wrong so I told him so and rang off. He was very persisitent. I rang my bank to report this.


Anonymous a female called and wanted my date of birth so she could credit some hidden charges from my bank. she was very abusive when I refused to give her any details and she kept calling me names

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