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0800 5554444 - Complaint Log

2 Complaints

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Lynne Asian twat pretending to be calling from Yell. His name is Gilbert - very original. I told him to stop wasting my time and hung up and the cheeky git kept phoning back! Soooooo tired of these horses rear ends day after day.


Keith Holdsworth I am constantly getting bombarded just about everyday from this Telephone No. 08005554444, They call themselves Consumer Life (After repeatedly asking the name of the company) and it is always an Asian that makes these calls, When I ask them their name they always give out an English sounding name, The last one was Irene, This sends out alarm bells straight away. It is my opinion that they are out to scam people because all they want is my personal information. I would be most appreciative if this company were blocked from making these type of phone calls. I keep asking them to stop calling me but they won't do as I ask.

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