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0845 0343933 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

08450343933 - 0845 034 3933 - 0845 0343 933


tara roche schiavon This company sent a returns card and are preteniding they are delivering a parcel - but it is a scam... you think you are being called by Royal mail - with the returns card being posted to you - but as we point out - why would someone delivering a parcel post a returns card to you! they havent even been to your house to try to deliver it.. We have been told to watch out for 0845 0343 933 numbers in case they then start chargng very hight rates to call them.. Why dont the telephone companies limit these charges they can make ! so they cant do this to unsuspecting people.. o rthere is a answerphone message operated by the telphone companse stating what you will be charged and giving you time to exit! this can be stopped but the phone companies are not doing anything that productive to stop it! and they can - it makes them too much money! beware of this number


carms said they were a mail company sent this returns card, but wanted my name and details.. feels phishy if you ask me.



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