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0845 0810053 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

08450810053 - 0845 081 0053 - 0845 0810 053


Colin I too see this phantom call on my log which I did not make. Shortly after my SIM failed to register and I had to contact O2 to reconnect.


Carol Andrew We are in Spain and are being charged for calls to this number from our mobile (€1.78 each call) although we know we have never called it.


SJ I have an O2 PAYG SIM card. This number was on my phone as having been dialled and charged me 56pence for the priviledge. My phone had been sitting on my dresser, locked, so I know no call was made. Thank goodness I'm not on a contract. This number could drain £100's from me otherwise. I'm a little freaked out that credit can just be 'taken' from my phone with no comeback or recourse.

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