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  • Veronica Leeke - 9-3-2012 10:10:43AM

    Nuisance phone number called at 02.33 on 08/03/12. I've googled the number and see that it is causing widespread nuisance in the early hours of the morning - THIS MUST BE STOPPED

  • Chris White - 7-3-2012 1:28:46PM

    Recieved a call this morning 7th March @ 4.15 approx - I thought it was a family problem and panicked a little tried to ring it back and a message suggested it was a spoof. Not very pleased could not get back to sleep.

  • Stuart - 7-3-2012 1:10:24PM

    I was called today 7th March 2012 at 12:23 by this number. Rang for about 10 seconds and then hung up before I could answer the phone.

  • Gail - 7-3-2012 12:24:37PM

    This number phoned my elderly relative at 1.25 am and again at 3.01 am on Wednesday 7th March, 2012. I phoned the number today, to hear a message saying this was a company that had got hold of there details, that the call was not fom them! If we need to phone them, to call their MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS!!!! How much would this be?? The message then finishes with an AMERICAN VOICE ANSWER MACHINE!!!! Think the whole thing is one big con, they need to be stopped!! Where do you complain though!!

  • Mike Slater - 7-3-2012 10:43:24AM

    This number called my elderly father @ 3.01am !

  • Lynn - 7-3-2012 10:00:31AM

    Received a call at 06.05am on 7th March from this number - not as early a.m. as others reported but still far too early to be reasonable and hopefully not the start of repeated attempts. I have noticed this number as a missed call on my 'phone aswell during the daytime a week or so ago!

  • Toby Fowlston - 7-3-2012 9:58:58AM

    Woken at 3:45 by these scum maggots. This needs to be sorted out now or I am going to take legal action.

  • G - 7-3-2012 9:51:43AM

    Called us at 6:24 - also have an elderly relative so quiet disturbing

  • C TAYLOR - 7-3-2012 9:27:30AM

    Received a call 12.25am 7th March have elderly parents with health problems and immediately thought something was wrong with them. They had also received a call at 11.35 pm 6th March. PLEASE get this checked out

  • Karen - 7-3-2012 8:51:09AM

    See. We solve it. Website. Phoned my service provider this morning and complained. If they get enough people doing this they will have these hackers shut down.

  • Anonyous - 7-3-2012 8:38:02AM

    I was called at 0259 hrs and 0450 hrs by 021 314 0001 and then at 0545 hrs by 0121 314 0002 on 07/03/2012. I also have a seriously ill relative in hospital so have to keep phone on and was woken up each time by these numbers.

  • S Ross - 7-3-2012 7:07:59AM

    Got a call at 3:51am almost gave us heart failure.

  • reaann - 7-3-2012 6:13:41AM

    woken at 5.30 this morning really upset as i thought there was a family problem if its a publicity stunt. then its in very bad taste it needs to be stopped....

  • 7-3-2012 1:19:04AM

    We solve what exactly Stephen? Ste, Steve, Steph or Steven? Davies. Forgive this if you're genuine but there is too much of this around these days. These are aggravating calls of harassment which are under precedence of law. If you've been hacked you need to report it. Has anyone else been called more than once? Those of us that have called it back need to check with our provider that we haven't been scammed a huge premium rate tariff as this is how these dirty rats operate. Is it a possible irate Aston Villa or Wolves association football fan with a database of future managers? Is it ringing only 0121 numbers?

  • M Watt - 6-3-2012 10:42:22PM

    We were awoken at 3.48 this morning (6th March) and thought there was some sort of emergency in the family. Couldn't get back to sleep for at least an hour. There must be something that can be done about this.

  • Mr M Stock - 6-3-2012 3:29:54PM

    I received a call from 0121 314 0001 at 01:25am on Tuesday 06/03/2012. Having a child currently away from home on holiday in the UK and other family holidaying in Europe we were concerned it may be an emergency call which only adds to the annoyance such bogus calls invoke in the early hours. Most annoying!!

  • John W - 6-3-2012 2:53:08PM

    Rang me at 0115 this a.m. Male voice, American accent. "This is not a valid extension" Then hung up. Is this likely a harvesting exercise, logging as valid the numbers that pick up?

  • christine price - 6-3-2012 1:17:58PM

    hi, i was awoke this morning at 2.25 from this number, very annoying, i have elderly parnets and the first thing you think about is that something ahs happened.

  • wilf - 6-3-2012 12:44:08PM

    Same here called at 03.46 line dead when I picked up or dialed back

  • Douglas Ward - 6-3-2012 11:21:29AM

    Do not appreciate being woken at 02.17 hrs on the 6th March 2012 on any other date in the early hours as a 80 year old I need my sleep. Hope you can put a stop to this. DW 422

  • June - 6-3-2012 11:17:44AM

    This no. rang me at 05.26am today 06.03.12. An automated message with an American accent. Scared the life out of me. I am sick of receiving false calls.

  • jo rothwell - 6-3-2012 10:58:10AM

    Phone call woke me up at 1.15am this morning....didn't get up as I knew my family would contact me on my mobile in an emergency...however am very tired today and didn't appreciate the call.

  • Jessica Green - 6-3-2012 10:38:52AM

    Sorry Steve- just seen your apology. Must be very annoying for you guys. Unfortunately I didn't get to the phone in time so did not actually speak to anyone. Hope it gets sorted asap

  • Jessica Green - 6-3-2012 10:37:03AM

    3am Phone call!!! I have a sister who has been in hospital for 2 months so having a call like this in the early hours was not nice!

  • Karen - 6-3-2012 10:36:34AM

    Thanks for the reply Mr Davies. No one spoke on my call.

  • Stephen Davies - 6-3-2012 10:30:51AM

    It would be really helpful to know what the voice said. We have seen one report that it was an american accent. Is it female/male? English/American? What did it say? This may help us to determine the origin of the call and it's all we have to go on, so the more info the better please. Steve

  • christopher storey - 6-3-2012 10:14:12AM

    Called at 0129 this morning . Silent call . This is disturbing both to srk0leep and peace of mind

  • Karen - 6-3-2012 10:07:48AM

    .Mr Davies. Can you please update us on the progress of the fault.. Got a call. Then you hung up at 03.17 this morning. My daughter is in a violent relationship so this was not appreciated

  • sarah leckey - 6-3-2012 10:00:57AM

    i received a call at 310 am i live on my own was unable to go back to sleep and was on edge for the rest of the night , it was very worrying at that hour of the day to pick your phone up and have no voice the other end, When i tried to call back it was dead . something needs doing about this it is unfair to be put through this.

  • Diane - 6-3-2012 9:51:52AM

    This number called me at 02:20 this morning. When I picked it up an american voice ssiad something like, "this is not a valid extension number". Really annoying and distresssing as we have an elderly relative very poorly in hospital at the moment.

  • Anne Cooper - 6-3-2012 9:35:41AM

    Call at 11.45pm last night - panic as thought there was a family emergency. Not Impressed

  • Phil Beecher - 6-3-2012 9:31:57AM

    Rung by this number at 12.25am this morning. Phone stopped ringing before I got to it. Took me two hours to get back to sleep. Have seen Stephen Davies's apology and accept that this is beyond his control. I add my complaint just so that whoever can sort it out is aware of the magnitude of the problem.

  • Ste Davies - 6-3-2012 9:04:13AM

    We are very sorry our number has called you. Our phone company is looking into it. Apparently our phone number has been hacked/spoofed and our number is calling people at a rate of 1000 per hour. It is not coming from us or our phone system but from somewhere in eastern Europe. We are doing our best to get to the bottom of it, but as it’s largely out of our control. We can only apologise for the inconvenience it’s caused you and assure you It was not our doing. Regards Steve Davies Managing Director We Solve IT Ltd

  • Steve Davies - 6-3-2012 9:01:51AM

    Stephen Davies I apologise for the calls being distributed from our phone system. We have not initiated them and have contacted our phone system provider, Telappliant, to correct the problem with our system making random calls. I can only apologise again for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • Susan Thompson - 6-3-2012 8:56:16AM

    Called 12.45 am 6th March 2012.Thought it was family problem with call this time of the night!!!

  • Susan Thompson - 6-3-2012 8:55:58AM

    Called 12.45 am 6th March 2012.Thought it was family problem with call this time of the night!!!

  • G & T - 6-3-2012 8:54:07AM


  • Susie - 6-3-2012 8:48:59AM

    Update on earlier post - just got a recorded message from the IT company who own this number - they declared that their number is being hacked by a "foreign company" resulting in thousands of calls being made - and sincere-sounding apologies offered. They say they are working to resolve it.

  • Susie - 6-3-2012 8:43:49AM

    Phone rang 0340 - scared the life out of me as the only time this has happened has been the emergency services telling me that my elderly mother is in hospital. Tried to return the call 0840 - line dead. We are registered with TPS. Doubtless this is an automated trawl. I am submitting a report to OFCOM but don't hold out much hope - last one I reported (one of these "Payment Protection" scams) I didn't even get an acknowledgment.

  • Joanna - 6-3-2012 8:38:59AM

    Again like everyone else here - I was woken at 2.21am this morning by someone ringing from this number. I have done a bit of digging and found that this number belongs to a company in Birmingham called WeSolveIT. I intend to call them at 9.00am to ask what is going on !!

  • leslie stoue - 6-3-2012 8:29:58AM

    like everyone else here ,3oken up about 01 45 this morning, going to ring them when their office opens ask the what the hell the are doing

  • Gillan - 6-3-2012 8:13:37AM

    Woken at 2.30 this morning. These people responsible are SCUM and need sorting out.

  • David - 6-3-2012 8:12:10AM

    Woken by a call from this number at 4.36 a.m. Answered phone in a panic, but no one there. These nuisance callers need to be dealt with very firmly.

  • Sheila Wade - 6-3-2012 8:12:05AM

    Phoned at 4.22 a.m this morning I am not very happy as thought it was a call from my Aunty who is very ill at the moment. Took ages to get back to sleep. Who are these people than can do this? It would be very frightening for elderly people on there own

  • Lin Wells - 6-3-2012 8:10:45AM

    Rang us at 3.15am today - thought someone had died. This is despite being on TPS, which does not seem very effective

  • Maggie Thomson - 6-3-2012 8:09:09AM

    Was woken up today at 5am! I phoned them back at 8am to a recorded message that office hours were 9am to 5pm! We are with TPS too! I never got back to sleep!

  • Derek - 6-3-2012 8:06:41AM

    Rang this morning at 0132 hrs . This is very upsetting for the household. Do these people know what they are doing. They should be fined

  • Stephen Davies - 6-3-2012 8:03:38AM

    Stephen Davies I apologise for the calls being distributed from our number. We have not initiated them and have contacted our phone system provider, Telappliant, to correct the problem. They believe the calls are originating abroad and it is difficult to stop someone spoofing the number. I can only apologise again for any inconvenience this has caused anyone with calls in the early hours.

  • James - 6-3-2012 7:56:02AM

    Received a call at 3.08 this morning.

  • Rosanna - 6-3-2012 7:53:28AM

    Was woken at 4 in the morning by this phone number. It rang six times and then rang off before we could answer. Thought it must be a family emergency, until we rang back and found out it was a company called We solve IT. We got a recorded message saying that they only work between 9 and 5. Rang the emergency number, but no answer, and left a complaint.

  • SHARON - 6-3-2012 7:50:46AM


  • Richard Thompson - 6-3-2012 7:49:45AM

    Rang me at 4.28am this morning. The call had gone to answer phone and then disconnected by the time I got myself sorted, but how can this company get away with this? I wasn't too worried, but reading other comments here, it appears that a lot of other people are.

  • Brenda Thomson - 6-3-2012 7:49:35AM

    Got a call from this number at 00:56 - 6 March,, not very happy and i am registered with TPS!!

  • Rob - 6-3-2012 7:42:33AM

    received call at 5.13 this morning time I got up and reached phone it hung up, I thought it may have been a problem with my son who was on way to work, had me very worried until i managed to contact him

  • Amanda - 6-3-2012 7:39:50AM

    Woken at 01.32 on 6th March. Alarming for everyone in the house as expecting bad news ...

  • Hilary Corley - 6-3-2012 7:38:47AM

    Woken at 0450 this morning - obviously worried that there was an emergency! Can see this is problem experienced by others too. don't even know how this company should have out number as regisitered with the telephone preference service for no sales calls! Very annoying was unable to get back to sleep.

  • Emma - 6-3-2012 7:34:38AM

    woken at 3:16am today 6/3/12 thought it was an emergency scared the life out of me ! i am not amused as i then laid awake for 2 hours and now have to get children off to school and go to work ...very tired is one word another would be too offensive to print !

  • 6-3-2012 7:34:20AM

    Called at 1am.

  • Mr A smyth - 6-3-2012 7:11:20AM

    Woke at 3:00 am by this number,alarmed me & family immenseley,thought it was an emergency,now off to work after nodding off for 2 hours.

  • Paula - 6-3-2012 6:53:59AM

    1.45am this morning, phone call from this number, got the entire family out of bed as we thought it was an emergency. Totally unacceptable for this to happen.

  • Jan - 6-3-2012 6:46:01AM

    Called at 4.15 but rang off before I could reach the phone. I hope you do sort your phone system out IT company! I don't want any more 4am wake up calls.

  • K underwood - 6-3-2012 6:28:48AM

    Called around 3am this morning and hung up!!!!! When i returned the call it cut off. This is not acceptable !!! It woke the children up!!!!

  • Kate - 6-3-2012 6:28:21AM

    Received a phone call at 2.30 am and the caller hung up immediately. I'm furious as I could not get back to sleep and have day full of meetings!!!

  • Mother of 2 - 6-3-2012 6:16:05AM

    recieved a phone call at 1.59am on the 6th of march 2012. woke both my children. this is unacceptable i now have to go to work having about 3hrs sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacqui - 6-3-2012 6:15:54AM

    Got woken up at 5.30am from this no when I answered they hung up, thought it was an emergency as a family member was in hospital, this is discusting not happy !!!!!

  • Gareth eaton - 6-3-2012 6:03:07AM

    Called my home number at 05:04 this morning, woke my little boy and now we have had an upset little boy for the last hour! Not happy!

  • LINDA DUESSMANN - 6-3-2012 5:52:37AM

    received a call at 04:45 am

  • 6-3-2012 4:00:26AM

    Received a call from this number at 3.37am, this morning. Don't these people realise the distress caused by calls in the middle of the night.

  • R - 6-3-2012 3:29:09AM

    03.15am this number has just rang our landline. It needs to be stopped

  • Sandra - 6-3-2012 1:18:33AM

    1am 6/3/12- not happy about this.

  • Chris - 6-3-2012 12:43:34AM

    Called at 12-35am. This number is registered with TPS. Stop it!

  • Mike - 6-3-2012 12:43:29AM

    Just received a call at 00.40. Thanks. Just what you want at that time of night/morning!

  • Rachel - 6-3-2012 12:29:32AM

    Had a phone call at 00:12 from this number and scared the hell out of me and my husband as woke us both up thinking it was a family emergency. Also managed to wake up my 6 week old son. Thank you very much. Surprising when I tried to call the mobile number listed on the website there was no answer. I am registered with TPS so should not be receiving calls from companies like this anyway. Will definitely be reporting this when the appropriate authorities are open!!! Thanks again Stephen Davies

  • Louise Dutton - 6-3-2012 12:04:26AM

    Received a call from this number at 2330hrs. What on earth is this all about? We are registered with the Telephone Preference Service.

  • chris turner - 6-3-2012 12:03:36AM

    called at 11.48 pm, but no answer-woke me up thanks

  • Robert - 6-3-2012 12:01:47AM

    Called at 12.01 on 6/3/2012. not good enough

  • Stephen Davies - 5-3-2012 11:47:09PM

    I apologise for the calls being distributed from our phone system. We have not initiated them and have contacted our phone system provider, Telappliant, to correct the problem with our system making random calls. I can only apologise again for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • chunkie - 5-3-2012 11:44:04PM

    Just got woken up at 23.40 on a Monday night. Thought phone call was an emergency, but noone there. Rang number back but won't connect. Whats it all about?

  • SSFS - 5-3-2012 11:28:14PM

    call recieved at 23.25 5th March 2012 on 24hr call out line but they hung up!!!!

  • Derek Wright - 5-3-2012 11:27:20PM

    I had a hang up call at 23.21 on 5 March

  • David Ward - 5-3-2012 10:52:32PM

    Call received 10.14 pm 5th March 2012, caller hung up immediately phone was answered. Called back to this number and received recorded message saying office was shut and open between 9.00 and 5.00pm. Company called "Resolve IT" ?

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