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  • Shahida - 11-6-2019 2:42:51PM

    I'm a customer with Virgin Media (VM) and have been charged every month for additional calls. We never connected phone set to the line as we moved into the property and had lots of refurb work going on. Having looked into the bills VM never provided phone numbers. I have to sit on the phone for hours with their call centre in Mumbai who are not of any help at all. On occasions during the call they tried blaming us for making these calls. Anyway after hours of complaints they provided me the number. I rang on this number and it just rings as if it can't receive calls. Sure, it's a spam. Virgin Media so far is not convinced to do a refund. But I can assure you this number is a spam. It auto dials from the line (we never had a phone set connected and no evidence of cross line).

  • Anon - 1-10-2013 7:30:27PM

    This number appears to be an alarm monitoring centre that receives calls from your alarm control panel when an alarm event is triggered.

  • Fraser Henderson - 3-3-2012 11:21:12AM

    I have been billed for 32 calls at 1 min each for calls to this number - calls I have never made. When I call it is is a fax (I have no fax on my line)

  • Joe Bloggs - 2-5-2011 12:25:00PM

    I keep seeing this number on my bill i have not phoned it i am getting charged for 8 second calls. I have called the number to see who it is on my mobile and it is a fax number

  • Anonymous - 18-2-2011 4:43:06PM

    I am charged almost every month by BT for calls made to this number, despite not making any such calls it is infuriating and despite numerous calls BT have been unable to resolve the problem. No idea what is happening

  • Anonymous - 18-7-2010 11:04:29AM

    I have been charged for 2 calls that I didn't make to this number on my latest BT bill. Frustating as although BT have agreed to reimburse me, I have no idea how it happened or if/when it may happen again

  • Angela Shaw - The Village Shop - 10-10-2008 12:26:48PM

    We have been charged for calls that we have not made to this number so can only deduce that they are faxing us and we get the charge.

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