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20 complaints - Manchester

  • dr.paresh mehta - 11-10-2013 1:27:03PM

    i got my 5S from Elite contacts ltd. i paid for 4G but was connected to 3G. I contacted o2 but they are not interested and told me to contact elite. This tel no 0161 212 7801 is not in service. how can I contact them. some thing wrong here with this company. BEWARE!

  • Andrew Nunn - 12-6-2013 1:56:56PM

    Six calls in as many days. These people - VERSATILE MOBILE LIMITED - are a real menace.

  • Ellen mcmullan - 11-6-2013 2:39:36PM

    Been getting calls from this number and a few others. When a number comes up I don't know I won't answer it. Where to these people get our numbers from

  • Paul Hamilton - 28-5-2013 9:38:43AM

    I had the same experience that others describe here. I received a call from that number. They claimed to be from Carphone Warehouse - with an upgrade deal for my telephone. They are clearly fishing for details . . . I would advise people NOT TO TALK TO THEM.

  • SwissChris - 23-5-2013 2:43:05PM

    I've had 9 calls from this criminal in the last month or so of which: 2 were silent. 1 a recorded female voice just said "Goodbye" when I answered. 6 were dropped as soon as I answered. I've reported this number to the Information Commissioners Office, The telephone Preference Society and OFcom. I think the police will be the next step as this is harassment.

  • Kath - 15-5-2013 6:13:05AM

    These people rang me on my mobile and started offering me some kind of upgrade/deal on my O2 account. I never deal with third party deals of this sort and hung up. I came to realise that I had several missed calls from them over the next few days but thought if I ignored them they'd go away. They didn't. At work over the last couple of days I had more calls, but strangely, the phone only rang once and then they hung up before I could answer. Yesterday I answered and received the full on selling pitch for whatever it was they were selling. I repeatedly requested that they stop phoning me and in the end had to hang up. So far, no more calls. I've since registered with the TPS but they were so forceful and rude that it was quite difficult to deal with given that I was at work and in a room full of colleagues.

  • Matt - 14-5-2013 2:54:12PM

    It may be interesting if you could look into this: This name and company do silent calls from the UK to customers in the UK: Mohammed Hoque Versatile Mobile Ltd Name & Registered Office: VERSATILE MOBILE LIMITED DEVONSHIRE HOUSE 36 GEORGE STREET MANCHESTER LANCASHIRE ENGLAND M1 4HA Company No. 05984377 Tel 01612127801 according to other posts Mohammed Hoque registered Versatile Mobile Ltd . This company calls to sell PPI to customers using marketing calls and silent calls (where unsuspecting users return the call to, thus making it legal for them to mislead into marketing or PPI claims). According to posts on the web and subject to confirmation, Mohammed Hoque appears to be the same Mohammed Monir Ul Hoque who works for Customer services assistance at Lloyds Banking Group. It wouldn't be a bad idea if the FSA and Lloyds investigated how Data from Lloyds may be used by their employees in other parallel companies set up by them. Please let us know the outcome

  • Lupus - 14-5-2013 11:55:15AM

    Silent call

  • Brian - 14-5-2013 10:17:53AM

    Same complaint as others. Nobody on line, Beep then goodbye

  • Matt - 10-5-2013 1:14:34PM

    Phoned to offer me an upgrade on contract and phone. When i questioned him he tolde he doesnt have my fetails because hes not part of o2 and data protection act etc. Said hes from elite contacts which is part of carphone warehouse's e2save. Iv looked it up online and nothing relates this number to e2save. Dont trust it, id say its spam.

  • Kirsty Day - 8-5-2013 6:06:51PM

    just called me and offered me a free phone and upgrade to the latest phone when i told them i just recieved an upgrade they hung up!

  • 8-5-2013 9:16:35AM

    Rang me yesterday saying they are calling from o2 and they are giving me a new phone for being a loyal customer. Called o2 service line they don't even have a glue who they are.

  • Jasdeep - 2-5-2013 6:44:55PM

    They phoned me and said they r frm o2 , they actually sold me a new contract, coz I was due for a upgrade anyway, god knows who they r? But if they ring me now, then definitely I will tell them who I am.

  • S Ali - 26-4-2013 11:01:50AM

    Called asking for my wife (she often gives my number when registering on websites). When I asked what it was about, they said "Refunds". I asked refund of what and they just hung up.

  • Stephen Booth - 23-4-2013 7:27:42PM

    Called me on 18/04/13, 19/04/13 and 23/04/13. Each time silent for several seconds, a beep then "Goodbye!" and hangs up. Had similar issues about a month back from a company called 'Versatile' on 0161 814 9905 so wondering if they have just changed their number.

  • JW Yorks - 23-4-2013 11:27:13AM

    I asked why they were calling me and they just made a tutting sound and hung up - very rude.

  • Nina G - 23-4-2013 10:58:12AM

    Called & hung up. Called back multiole times always engaged. Added number to Spam name in my phone

  • B Lacey - 16-4-2013 3:34:17PM

    They ring daily, somtimes twice daily. Most of the time they hang up when I answer. I have asked them twice to stop ringing me, but they persist. The last "gentleman" calling me told me to "shut up" when I complained about them. My telephone network (3) refuses to block the number. It's been going on for weeks now and it's really starting to get to me.

  • Colin Hollister - 11-4-2013 4:05:33PM

    Receiving repeated calls from this number, when you answer you nothing followed by a beep then "Goodbye".

  • Jacob Clark - 9-4-2013 10:57:48AM

    Asked for my phone details said they were from O2 they knew none of my personal details and called me twice. They asked what phone I was using how much I was paying and other tariff related details. They rang twice and the second time I began to question them and they said they'd take me off te system

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